For innovation to happen there has to be an individual who has the courage and the ambition to overcome the hurdles on the foot race to Greatness.


Gotham City Native “Christopher Bradley” the virtuoso composer identified as “DJ Drazpa” harnesses a melodic aptitude that has entranced fans all over the cosmos into a mystical lullaby.


Drazpa a devoted music scholar and “Full Sail Alumna” perceives the “Art of Music” as an opportunity to orchestrate a Harmonious Dream. Growing up he vowed to Master the Anatomy of Music with metaphorical visions to garnish the charts with his Moonlight Sonatas.


Drazpa envisions thyself devising the pleasure of Bestowing Beautiful Music, unraveling from the jarring staccato. Possessing unswerving loyalty to the studio and dedication to his craft.. stemmed the creation of “Divercity Records” & “Divercity Radio Show” a divine inception of sounds to the modern day listener.

Stay tuned for the upcoming album the idyllic.. sublime.. elegant.. DREAMWORLD!!!